texticle 2.1.0


  • 2.1.0


      • `search` aliases new `advanced_search` method (same functionality as before), but will alias `basic_search` in 3.0! Should print warnings.

    • 3 new features

      • Generate full text search indexes from a rake task (sort of like in 1.x). Supply a specific model name.

      • New search methods: `basic_search`, `advanced_search` and `fuzzy_search`. Basic allows special characters like &, and % in search terms. Fuzzy is based on Postgres’s trigram matching extension pg_trgm. Advanced is the same functionality from `search` previously.

      • Rake task that installs pg_trgm now works on Postgres 9.1 and up.

    • 2 dev improvements

      • Test database configuration not automatically generated from a rake task and ignored by git.

      • New interactive developer console (powered by pry).

  • 2.0.3

    • 1 new feature

      • Allow searching through relations. Model.join(:relation).search(:relation => {:column => “query”}) works, and reduces the need for multi-model tables. Huge thanks to Ben Hamill for the pull request.

      • Allow searching through all model columns irrespective of the column’s type; we cast all columns to text in the search query. Performance may degrade when searching through anything but a string column.

    • 2 bugfixes

      • Fix exceptions when adding Texticle to a table-less model.

      • Column names in a search query are now scoped to the current table.

    • 1 dev improvement

      • Running `rake` from the project root will setup the test environment by creating a test database and running the necessary migrations. `rake` can also be used to run all the project tests.

  • 2.0.2

    • 1 bugfix

      • Our #respond_to? overwritten method was causing failures when a model didn’t have a table (e.g. if migrations hadn’t been run yet). Not the case anymore.

  • 2.0.1

    • 1 new feature

      • Can now define #searchable_language to specify the language used for the query. This changes what’s considered a stop word on Postgres’ side. ‘english’ is the default language.

    • 1 bugfix

      • We were only specifying a language in to_tsvector() and not in to_tsquery(), which could cause queries to fail if the default database language wasn’t set to ‘english’.

  • 2.0.pre4

    • 1 new feature

      • Searchable is now available to specify which columns you want searched:

        require 'texticle/searchable'
        class Game
          extend Searchable(:title)

        This also allows Texticle use in Rails without having #search available to all models:

        gem 'texticle', '~> 2.0.pre4', :require => 'texticle/searchable'
    • 1 bugfix

      • ActiveRecord::Base.extend(Texticle) doesn’t break #method_missing and #respond_to? anymore

  • 2.0.pre3

    • 1 new feature

      • #select calls now limit the columns that are searched

    • 1 bugfix

      • #search calls without an argument assume an empty string as a search term (it errored out previously)

  • 2.0.pre2

    • 1 bugfix

      • #respond_to? wasn’t overwritten correctly

  • 2.0.pre

    • Complete refactoring of Texticle

      • For users:

        • Texticle should only be used for its simplicity; if you need to deeply configure your text search, please give `gem install pg_search` a try.

        • #search method is now included in all ActiveRecord models by default, and searches across a model’s :string columns.

        • #search_by_<column> dynamic methods are now available.

        • #search can now be chained; Game.search_by_title(“Street Fighter”).search_by_system(“PS3”) works.

        • #search now accepts a hash to specify columns to be searched, e.g. => “Mario”)

        • No more access to #rank values for results (though they’re still ordered by rank).

        • No way to give different weights to different columns in this release.

      • For devs:

        • We now have actual tests to run against; this will make accepting pull requests much more enjoyable.

    HEAD (unreleased)

    • 1 minor bugfix

      • Multiple named indices are now supported.

  • 1.0.4

    • 2 major enhancements

      • use Rails.root instead of RAILS_ROOT

      • refactored tasks to ease maintainance and patchability

    • 3 minor enhancements

      • fix timestamp for migrationfile

      • fixed deprecation warning for rails3 (dropping rails2-support)

      • prevented warning about defined constant

  • 1.0.3

    • 1 major enhancement

      • Added Rails 3 support.

    • 1 bugfix

      • Model names that end in double ‘s’s (like Address) don’t choke the rake tasks anymore.

  • 1.0.2

    • 1 bugfix

      • Generated migration now uses UTC time rather than local time.

  • 1.0.1

    • 1 minor enhancement

      • Textical adds a rake task to generate FTS index migrations. Just run:

        rake textical:migration
  • 1.0.0

    • 1 major enhancement

      • Birthday!